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All Natural Smoothie Mix: Your Daily Fix of Fruits & Veggies - Fast!

All Natural Smoothie Mix: Your Daily Fix of Fruits & Veggies - Fast!

An all natural smoothie mix is among the best possible ways to get your daily fix of fruit and vegetables, in a convenient fashion. All natural smoothie mixes are easy to store and easy to prepare without cutting, peeling, squeezing, juicing and without any waste. A growing number of people are saturated by the limited options available at the local grocery store and are seeking out new ways to enjoy the health benefits of smoothies, in the comfort of their own homes. A healthy lifestyle needs to be complimented by a healthy diet to get the best possible results, but health is often compromised for the sake of convenience.




Fruit and vegetable juices have taken a significant dive in the last decade. Companies are frequently reducing the amount of actual juice and fruit present in their products and replacing it with sugar and other additives. GMO’s are also a growing concern. For most people, a beverage that lacks actual juice or nutritional value ceases to be a juice and is considered a soft drink. Blooming Berry by Smartfruit is different. Each bottle is loaded with 20 strawberries, 80 raspberries and 280 blueberries, and delivers 3 fruit servings per each 16 oz smoothie. All natural smoothies from concentrate are an excellent way to take advantage of the health benefits of smoothies quickly and conveniently.




Getting a great tasting and healthy all natural smoothie mix doesn’t have to be a pain. Traditionally, people were expected to buy all of the ingredients, peel and skin, cut to an appropriate size, and blend. To do this cost-effectively, it was best to buy fruit and vegetables in bulk and hope that they didn’t spoil before they were used. Luckily, there’s a fantastic option available. An all-natural smoothie mix is available right now. It takes the mess and annoyance of spoiled fruit out of the equation. Just pour out as much as you need, add water or milk, ice, and blend. It doesn’t get much easier than that, and there’s no chance of spoiled produce left over in the fridge. 


Versatile Smoothie Mix


The best smoothie mix out there is far more versatile than you might expect. Sure, it can be used to create delicious and convenient smoothies at home, but the uses don’t end there. Just by adding water you can enjoy a fantastic GMO-free juice, or use it as a phenomenal topping for sweet treats. The best smoothie mixes can even be used to create flavorful alcoholic drinks that until recently were impossible to create. Use all natural smoothie mix for smoothies, tea flavoring, frappes, yogurt, milk shake, acai bowls, ice cream and much more.


All natural smoothies are the most delicious way to get a dose of fruits and vegetables. With the best smoothie mix on the market today, it doesn’t have to be an expensive or inconvenient ordeal! The right smoothie mix can be used for far more than smoothies, and once you find the right smoothie mix application for you, you’ll be hooked.

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